Our Trip to Ipswich –
Some Insights

Nachdem die englische Gruppe im Dezember 2012 in Soest war, fuhren unsere Schüler der neunten Klassen vom 08. bis zum 15.02.2013 zum Gegenbesuch – begleitet von Frau Feldmann und Herrn Dr. Kracht – nach England. Nach großer Wiedersehensfreude stand der Besuch des Unterrichts an, bevor die Schüler das Wochenende in den Gastfamilien verbrachten. Die folgenden Tage waren unter anderem mit interessanten Ausflügen nach London und Cambridge gefüllt. Dort fanden unter anderem Stadtbesichtigungen statt und es gab eine London-Eye-Tour, bei der auch das Gruppenbild entstand. Außerdem besuchte die Schülergruppe zwei weitere Tage lang den Unterricht, um einen Einblick in den Alltag der englischen Schüler und das dortige Schulsystem zu bekommen.


Alles in allem war dies ein gelungener Schüleraustausch, was die Abschiedstränen am Bus bewiesen haben. Außerdem sind bereits für diesen Sommer private Rückbesuche geplant. Für die Schüler (und uns Lehrer!) eine sehr spannende Erfahrung! Tagesberichte mit näheren Informationen gibt es weiter unten hier auf dieser Seite.


The Weekend

We woke up at 8 o'clock on Saturday morning because we wanted to meet Leah and Doreen at the train station at 10 o'clock. After a nice breakfast Jasmine’s mum took us to the station by car, where Doreen and Leah were waiting for us. We took the train at half past ten to a nice place at the sea which was called Felixstone. After half an hour we arrived there and it was really cold and windy.
There were a lot of nice shops, but Doreen and I only wanted to see the beach and the North Sea, so we walked through the whole city to have a look at it. After we had arrived there we touched the water and walked through the sand, but we were very hungry so we went to a small shop to buy fish and sausages, which was not as tasty as it looked like. After eating Leah and Jasmine showed us the big Pier Casino and we stayed there for over three hours because we played a lot of games. It was really funny. Then we took photos, went shopping and took the train back to Ipswich, and after we had arrived there, we went home. It was a really nice, fantastic and funny day.

(Lea; Doreen)


On Sunday, February 10th, we went to Felixstowe with our exchange partners by train. We bought the tickets on the train. Felixstowe is a nice town at the coast, 12 km southeast of Ipswich. It was a cold and rainy day. After we had been in a cafeteria, we went to the beach. The water was very cold, but nevertheless our exchange partners decided to go swimming. After that we walked to the town centre, but it was not very interesting. There were no sights or nice old houses. Although the shops were open, we didn’t go shopping. It was still raining, so we called our exchange parents to take us home. We spent the rest of the day in our families with having dinner and watching a movie. We were looking forward to visiting Cambridge the next morning.

(Philipp; Gereon)



On Tuesday we went to Cambridge by train. We had a sightseeingtour with a guide. She showned us the two biggest and most famous colleges of Cambridge, Pembrooke and King's College. They’re about 300 years old. You aren’t allowed to walk on the grass in the middle, only the master or the fellows are allowed to. Every college has got a chapel. You can go there if you want to, but you needn’t. The master always sits on the right side in the same seat. You must have very good A-levels to be accepted at the colleges in Cambridge. The competition for places to study there is very hard. You only live and sleep in the college, you’re studying at an university. In the college students can live together but they all can study different subjects. This tour took about 90 minutes. It was very interesting to see where students in Cambridge live and to learn something about Pembrooke College and King’s College. After that we had about two hours of freetime. We went to a shopping center where we were at Starbucks, at Hollister, in the Vans shop and in other shops. We had a great time and think Cambridge is really beautiful and interesting.

(Miriam; Julia)


London with the exchange students

On Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock everyone met in front of the school and we drove to London by coach. It took 2 hours! When we arrived in London we visited the London Eye. It was great and took about half an hour and from the inside of the pod, you could see Big Ben. After that we saw a 4D film about the London Eye and walked over a bridge to see the Big Ben closer. On the bridge you could see lots of typical red double-decker buses and people playing the bag pipes. We saw 10 Downing Street, Horse Guards, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace. On the walk to the palace, we watched the changing of the guards and it was very funny to see them walking along the road. After that we visited Trafalgar Square and we saw the statue of Lord Nelson, who died in the battle of Trafalgar. We had 45 minutes free time and after that we went to visit the Museum of London. When we arrived we got some worksheets and we could chose two topics, so we decided to search for information about the Fire of London in 1666 which burned down three quarter of London, because it lasted from the 2nd to the 5th September. Our second topic was children in the war and we had to find five things which children would have taken with them, so we chose things like a diary, a teddy bear, a pen, a knife and some candles for example. After the museum we went home on the coach again. It took long but the day was very interesting and it was nice to see the London sights and learn about its history.

(Pia, Alina)


A school day in Ipswich

The school in Ipswich is called Northgate High School. We attended classes at this English school for 3 days and could see some differences between our German school and the English High school. School starts at 8:45 am with a registration during which the teacher checks whether everyone is in school. That happens between every lesson. One lesson is 70 minutes, so much longer than one lesson in German schools. After the second lesson there is a small break (15 minutes). The big break in which you can eat lunch is 45 minutes long. You can have lunch in the school cafeteria. After this break there’s one lesson left. So school ends at 3:10 pm every day. All the pupils at Northgate High school have to wear a school uniform. In our own opinion we think that the English High school is stricter than our German school.

(Katharina; Dilara)

Sarah Feldmann; Dr. Christof Kracht